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Concrete Resurfacing in Cathedral City

Concrete Resurfacing in Cathedral City

Most, if not all exterior hardscaped surfaces in residential homes are made of some form of concrete. Over time, due to wear and tear, the surfaces are bound to lose their aesthetic appeal and longevity. This is why we are a busy and successful concrete resurfacing company in Cathedral City.  We make your pool deck, garage, driveway, patio, walk ways, and any other concrete floor surface as good as new. With our advanced techniques and experienced personnel, you can be assured of a long-lasting, creative, yet cost-friendly approach to all damaged concrete surfaces. Other than taking the most expensive route possible by completely tearing off existing floors and re-pouring the floor, concrete resurfacing in Cathedral City is an excellent option to resurface, re-do, repair, rejuvenate, enhance, and refinish just about any concrete surface. 

Household areas to resurface

As soon as some areas show signs of aging or are simply destroyed from mishaps, you should not hesitate to call us. Quality living is not just about healthy eating but it is also about the spaces we live in. Besides this, upgrading your home and redecorating your premises is a great way of investing in your home and living in a fulfilling surrounding. You should, therefore, seek concrete resurfacing services from a qualified concrete resurfacing contractor in Cathedral City for any of the following areas: 

Concrete driveway resurfacing

Choosing to resurface a driveway instead of redoing it completely is guaranteed to save you more than half of the total you would have spent replacing it. A driveway can last quite long when well maintained, and one way of doing this is resurfacing when evidence of prolonged use is present. Resurfacing, in this case, involves filling cracks, getting rid of stains, improving the general curb appearance, and filling areas that have succumbed to pressure. Compared to ripping out the entire concrete driveway, resurfacing also saves time and labor.  

Pool deck concrete resurfacing

The pool deck as a relaxation space should remain stunning throughout. It should complement the pool and together, they should bring class to any home. For pool decks, we have a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and designs. We can even mimic materials like stone, sandstone, tiles, wood, and brick to bring out the same naturalistic look, without costing a fortune. Other than purchasing new replacement materials, resurfacing using concrete will give the same effect at a minimum cost. 

Garage concrete resurfacing

Due to friction from tires, garage floor surfaces deteriorate very fast. We provide a solution to this, whereby we introduce a tough damage-resistant surface, stain it for an aesthetic appeal and apply and oil-resistant surface to avoid oil damage. Your garage floor will not be damaged by pressure, constant wear or corrosion and resurfacing will help you get an oil-resistant, impact-resistant, and crack-resistant surface. 

Available Varieties of High-Quality Concrete Coatings & Overlays for all garage, pool decks, patios, driveways, and many more floor resurfacing:

Your home should not be a matter of usability. It goes beyond basic functionality, whereby the user goes overboard to make the home look better while achieving functionality as the basic function. A walkway, for example, can’t just be present, for people to walk on. For it to earn its full value, it needs to complement the look of the home. We endeavor to make sure that our propositions and resurfacing solutions take household spaces to an unprecedented level of beauty. You stand to reap all these benefits when you choose Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing for your concrete resurfacing projects.  

Our top quality solutions include:

Stained Concrete – This can be done on a resurfaced or existing concrete floor both indoors and outdoors since its not thermally sensitive.  

Sprayed Knock Down Texture – It looks like a smoother version of the famous stucco finish, and is appropriate for pool decks.  

Stamped Concrete Overlays – The concrete is ‘stamped’ to give a certain pattern. This way, the final floor surface mimics other textures like brick, slate, and other building materials. It is usually used on driveways, patios, and other outdoor resurfacing.  

Epoxy Flooring – It a durable material made of 2 parts, and is appropriate for indoor floorings like basements and garages.  

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – It is a moisture-resistant, luster-giving coating that was popular in industries but has now shifted even in residential home-usage.  

Benefits of concrete resurfacing

The advantages of concrete resurfacing are:  

1.It’s affordable. 

The cost ranges from $3-$5 per square foot, a price that is worlds apart from the price of ripping out and installing new flooring. It could save hundreds of thousands to be used in other areas of home improvement.  

2. Aesthetic.

With the wide range of options to choose from, clients are guaranteed of better-looking floors and other surfaces, that were previously worn out. This variety of patterns, colors, stains, and designs helps old concrete surfaces reclaim their vibrance.  

3. Durable. 

Having techniques like abrasion resistance, waterproofing, and material strength, the resurfaced floor becomes even stronger than the original.  

4. Time-saving. 

Installation of a new walkway or pool deck could take weeks if not months, while pool resurfacing takes days. Maintenance is also easier since the floor no longer requires waxing or special cleaners to look stunning. 


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