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Your search for a pool deck resurfacing contractor in Cathedral City  has led you to the right place as daily exposure to harsh conditions can make your pool decking show signs of wear and tear. Are you sick and tired of the current coating of your pool decking? Or do you just want to refresh the appearance of your backyard? At Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing, we’re proud to serve the people living in Cathedral City, California. We can make your backyard look more beautiful using our pool deck resurfacing techniques! 
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Is it time to resurface?

Pool deck resurfacing can be a big headache for anyone as it can seem like a time-consuming and expensive process. Fortunately, we can make the whole process easy for you! Is it time to resurface your pool deck? Continue reading to find out the signs that show when to resurface your pool decking.

Serious problems can happen if the cracks on concrete from mother nature and age are left unchecked.  

Pool decking failing to reflect heat because the paint has faded on your pool decking.  

Material peeling away, leaving bare spots, which can lead to structural damage because it leaves the concrete exposed.  

Do you want to sell your home? If your pool deck has problems, inspectors will not pass it because a pool deck with problems is a safety issue. 


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Pool deck resurfacing materials

We use many different styles and materials to resurface pool decks in Cathedral City. The different types of materials we offer have their benefits and appeal. They can improve the appearance of any backyard. Our materials help increase your home’s value and bring durability, safety, and easy maintenance and each of our materials will appeal to your sense of style and suit your needs! To find out what we have to offer our clients in Cathedral City, continue reading. If you don’t see the material you want to install on this list, give us a call today. We’ll talk more about the options and how we can help you install them!


Pavers are the most beautiful pool deck resurfacing option and many people choose pavers because of their appearance. Pavers can last for several decades because the harsh chemicals inside the pool will not corrode them, making them a good investment. Another reason to install pavers is that they are easy to replace because if one paver breaks, you can replace it easily!

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete not only offers fantastic views from your pool, it also provides superior durability! To enjoy long-lasting and durable concrete, choose stamped concrete as a pool deck resurfacing material for your pool. The shape of stamped concrete replicates natural stone and we can make the surface of stamped concrete appear more lifelike by implementing stains amplifying the highs and lows of the surface.  

Concrete overlays

This form of pool deck resurfacing is one of the most stunning and durable as concrete overlays give a sleek and seamless finish. It’s easy to apply concrete overlays because the surface does not require much preparation before applying the overlay over the concrete pool deck. The overlay can be a neutral color and to achieve a look similar to marble, use the overlay with more pigment in the application. The finished product of concrete overlay is perfect for pool decking because it gives the material traction. 

Brick or tile

Brick and tile offer several great benefits, even though they are rarely used to resurface pool decking. Resurfacing your pool deck with brick and tile can help reduce your maintenance costs and offers a nice feel on your feet. You’ll never find stains on the tile’s surface because the surface of the tile is solid. Choosing brick and tile as your pool decking resurfacing material ensures the surface stays cool, even in direct sunlight as well.  

Kool decking

Many families have been using Kool Decking since the 1960s because of its appearance and top-tier performance. Kool Decking is one of the most reliable pool decking surface materials on the market right now and supplies traction when wet. It also offers a cool surface because it reflects sunlight and is affordable with a long lifespan. 

Stenciled concrete

Stenciled concrete is one of the most affordable pool decking surface materials. But, this does not mean stenciled concrete is not one of the best options. Stamped concrete can replicate pavers, flagstones, and even wood with the durability of concrete. To make stenciled concrete look more like the real thing, we make the shapes, including the highs and lows in stenciled concrete using acid stains. 

How to install a pool deck 

The process of refinishing a pool deck depends on the products you are using but there’s a basic process for each installation. 

Prepare & Repair: To make the surface of the concrete porous we etch, grind, or shot blast it as well as fix existing damages, such as cracks.  

Clean & Prime: Use a pressure washer to wash the surface and let it thoroughly dry and if necessary, apply a primer.  

Mix Product: To prepare the product for the application, follow the instructions when mixing the product, and if necessary, mix in color.  

Apply overlay: Apply the overly either by troweling, rolling, or spraying to achieve the desired look.  

Add Patterns & Texture: Use specialty tools, such as stamps, rakes, hand-trowels, and many more, to complete. 

Cure & Seal: For enhanced stain resistance, greater strength, and additional protection, add a sealer once the overlay cures.  

Applying a concrete coating is difficult, but fortunately, we have years of experience installing pool deck materials. We know what to do for a long-lasting finish that looks great!


Using a mop or broom to remove grass clippings, dust, or other debris after a few weeks can help keep the surface in excellent condition. And using a hose to spray off the surface can help resolve any dirty spots.  

Many of our top coatings are resistant to both chemicals and moisture but it’s essential to clean chemical spills as fast as you can. Use commercial cleaners to remove stubborn spots, but make sure the commercial cleaners are formulated for the surface and non-abrasive. If necessary, use a pressure washer. 


At Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing, we use various textures, colors, and other effects to create a look you will love!


We offer our clients several colors, ranging from neutral to bold and vibrant and even if you don’t see a color you want, we can work with you to create custom colors! You can take a look at our color charts if you want to see our color options and give us a call if you want something more customized.

Textures, patterns & masonry effects

Use score lines (stars, bands, borders, and other patterns), various textures, aggregates, and saw cuts to get unique designs. Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing can help you get the look and feel of materials, such as slate, flagstone, wood, and many more, without breaking the bank. To make the surface more durable, we coat the surface with a finish that protects it from daily wear and tear and stains.  

Once you choose a design you like, you can now look at the options for acrylic top coatings and concrete overlays. If you feel overwhelmed by all these options, contact us for help! 

Frequently asked questions

Can You Resurface Your Existing Pool Deck?  

There is no need to tear up your pool deck if it only has small imperfections, or if it is just discolored or faded. It may just need a facelift and we can resurface your pool in a few days!

What Is the Best Concrete Pool Deck Coating?  

The following are the top reasons why a concrete pool deck coating is the best choice.  


Concrete is durable, meaning it can last longer than other materials with the exact number of years concrete will last dependent on the abuse, care, and use it receives. It’s easy to repair when cracks surface. Once the concrete sets, it remains in place for several years to come but if pavers are not correctly installed, they can move and settle.  

Easy to Maintain  

You can protect your concrete with a sealer, which protects the concrete from stains and daily wear and tear.  


A concrete pool deck coating comes in many custom designs, score lines, textures, and colors, which are not available with other materials. You can choose a design that matches your outdoor patio, home, and even landscaping style. Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing creates different looks, such as granite, brick, slate, flagstone, and more!  

What Is the Cost of Resurfacing a Pool Deck?  

The cost of resurfacing a pool deck depends on numerous factors such as

  • the condition of the existing concrete surface
  • the area to be resurfaced
  • the type of materials to be used
  • the amount of workable space
  • level of details

The best way to determine how much it will cost to resurface a pool deck in Cathedral City is to call for a free estimate!

How to Keep a Pool Deck Cool?  

Many people love having a Kool pool deck because the deck surface remains cool for a long time an advantage over tile, pavers, exposed aggregate, gray concrete, and even epoxy flooring. Any pool deck surface absorbs heat, especially during the summer so we recommend choosing a light color if your swimming pool is in a spot that gets direct sunlight or if you live in a place with high summer temperatures.

Are Slip-Resistant Options Available?  

One of our top priorities is safety so we design slip-resistant products, which transform slippery surfaces into non-slip ones. (It’s important to know that we cannot be held responsible for fall and slip accidents.)  

How Much Thicker Will the Concrete Surface Get with an Overlay?  

Our coatings can add a thickness of under a quarter-inch (stacking two quarters on top of each other). If the concrete’s surface is uneven, the thickness may be up to 2 inches because we use our bending overlay.  

What If the Existing Surface of the Concrete Has Cracks?  

It is possible to get the pool deck you want, even if there are existing cracks. Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing will help assess the cracks then we won’t resurface until we figure out the best way to fix the existing cracks.  

What Is the Lifespan of the Coating?  

A new pool deck surface can last up to 10 years depending on use and maintenance and we’ve seen some pool deck surfaces last up to 25 years.

Make sure to also check out our other services like Concrete Resurfacing service for pools. 


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