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Next Level Pool Equipment Installation in Cathedral City!

A swimming pool is a great addition for any home, particularly in Cathedral City! But swimming pools can start malfunctioning after being used for a long time. Unfortunately, even after a series of expensive pool repairs, your pool still may not operate at it peak condition. We’re an experienced pool equipment installation company in Cathedral City with years of experience in swimming pool systems and installations!
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In some cases, it’s a good idea to consider replacing old worn out pool equipment like filters, pumps, pool lights, heaters, pool cleaners, and timers. Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing Pros deals with new installation and replacement projects, including installing a complete pool automation system and upgrading lighting to LED. We do this to make the new pool equipment convenient and energy-efficient. This helps lower utility bills and gives you a fully functional and operational swimming pool system with nothing to worry about. When you want the best pool equipment system and installation that money can buy in Cathedral City, call us for a free on-site consultation!


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The pool equipment we replace and install includes:

  • Swimming pool filters (cartridge filters, sand filters, and D.E. filters)
  • Swimming pool pumps
  • Salt chlorinator systems
  • Automated pool control systems
  • Valves and actuators
  • Swimming pool vacuums
  • Swimming pool and spa lights (upgrade to LEDs)

New pool equipment installations

We are the leading pool equipment installation company in Cathedral City. We use high-quality products from reputable brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite, and Zodiac (Jandy) to make your swimming pool or spa experience more enjoyable. The innovative and reliable technology makes owning a swimming pool or spa cost-effective, eco-friendly, and 100% satisfying.

Carefree and easy to use smart pumps, cartridge filters, and remote-control units help save time and money by reducing the cost and time spent on regular pool maintenance.

Our team of swimming pool equipment technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in pool equipment installations and can meet your pool’s needs or fix any swimming pool problems. Whether you would like to repair or replace your pump, heater, salt generator, or pool vacs, consider Cathedral City Resurfacing Pros.

Pool equipment replacements we offer in Cathedral City

Pool Equipment Sets

Full or combination equipment upgrades such as a new pad can help improve your swimming pool’s circulation, filtration, and heating systems. Also, high-performing equipment sets make swimming pools become more energy efficient. It’s a good idea to install many pool equipment products simultaneously as it can help extend the manufacturers’ warranties for the products.

Pool Pumps

Variable speed pumps and energy-efficient pump upgrades are worth considering as they will help you cut down your swimming pool’s energy consumption. If you want to increase energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills, install an automated controller, and attach the smart pump to an existing pump.

Pool Filters

To keep the water crystal clear and free from dirt, use cartridge filters and modern filtration units such as quad D.E. filters. Filter system upgrades increase the efficiency of the filtering process and energy efficiency of the entire pool system.

Pool Heaters

Before installing a new heater for your pool, choose the right heater style and size. It needs to match the dimensions and the purpose of your swimming pool or spa. Also, consider changing your old or damaged heater to ensure you have warm water and lower your heating bills.

Pool Automation Systems

Automated timers and controllers can help you operate your swimming pool equipment effectively. Any equipment, including filtration pumps and lighting systems, can be added to an automated controller to make it easy to use any swimming pool equipment.

Pool Saltwater Systems

Saltwater systems have become more and more popular, and swimming pool owners can add them to most existing swimming pool equipment sets. These systems can enhance your swimming pool experience. They make it unnecessary to wait before swimming while your swimming pool is being sanitized. Plus, they are chemical-free and offer the safest and healthiest way to enjoy your pool.

Pool Vacuums

Pool vacuums, also known as pool cleaners, can help you clean your swimming pool’s surfaces and make them attractive. To enhance your swimming pool experience and ensure that your pool is always clean, replace any damaged pool cleaner, or consider installing a new cleaner.

More than that we also do pool resurfacing in Cathedral City so you should check that out. 


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