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  • Pool Heater Repair 
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  • Pool Filter Repair 
  • Pool Controller | Automation 
  • Salt Water Pool Repair 
  • New Pool Equipment Installation 
  • Spa & Hot Tub Repairs 

Pool heater repairs

If your water is cold, then it’s probably time to repair the swimming pool heater. We provide swimming pool heater repairs in Cathedral City and the entire Coachella Valley. There are many reasons why a pool heater can malfunction, but generally, heaters can be repaired instead of replaced. Our team of professionals can determine if you need a new heater or if it can be fixed. Please note that we only service and repair gas-powered pool & spa heaters. 

Pool pump repairs

Hearing a high-pitched noise is a sign that your swimming pool pump may be on its way out. If the pump has completely stopped working, then it could end up going silent. However, a pump may be able to be replaced or repaired if it is trying to start. Many swimming pool pump repair companies in Cathedral City will immediately resort to total pump replacement. Our technicians work with pool pumps every day and tell you precisely what the issue is with your pump and give you our best recommendation for repairs. 

In the event an entire pump has to be replaced, then we can remove it and replace it with a more efficient model. If a pump has more than 3/4 horsepower, it needs to be replaced with an energy-efficient pump, as required by Title 20. Don’t worry, though, because we can provide you with a reputable pump that is both highly efficient and long-lasting. 

Pool filters repairs

Cartridge filters, DE filters, and sand pool filters are some of the most common types of pool filters used in Cathedral City, but others are available. Different filters are used for different things, as well as for different kinds of pools. However, all filters are designed to filter out debris from pools. We are well versed in the types, functions, sizes, capacities, and capabilities for a wide range of the best pool filters available today. Our pool equipment technicians are among the most experienced swimming pool filter repair technicians in Cathedral City. 

Pool filters have to be appropriately taken care of, and they will eventually need to either be replaced or repaired. Our swimming pool filter technicians can determine what the issue is with your pool filter system. We’ll then let you know whether replacement is needed or if we can perform a repair to get your system working correctly again. 

Controllers/automation repairs

Thanks to new technologies, pools, hot tubs and spas can now be controlled via a remote controller. Pool automation is amazing and often comes with many fun and innovative features that save users time and money. However, like any other computer system, a pool automation system has issues once in a while. 

If something goes wrong with an automation system or its controllers, call a professional technician. We have programmed and fixed many pools and backyard automation systems. We stay on top of the fast-evolving world of pool equipment automation. We are well experienced in pool automation repair and troubleshooting in Cathedral City. We can diagnose and identify the problem and develop the right solution to achieve what you want without compromise. 

Salt water system repairs

Saltwater pools have increased in popularity throughout these last few years in Cathedral City. These pools produce saltwater via a saltwater generator system for a clean and chemical-free pool. Saltwater pools might be unique and useful, but various outstanding issues can arise. For example, the salt cell could fail, or the saltwater chlorinator can fail, leading to electrical problems. We can inspect a saltwater pool’s system and fix the problem as quickly as possible. For saltwater system repair services in Cathedral City, call us to diagnose and solve the issue. 

Hot tub & spa repairs

Hot tubs and spas have their own unique systems that require attention and repairs from time to time. It doesn’t matter what issue you’re experiencing with your hot tub or spa; we can figure out the problem and fix it in no time. We can repair various parts of a spa or replace parts, if necessary. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know what’s going on, or you can ask us any questions you have. Call us for hot tub and spa repair services in Cathedral City. 

Call us today with your questions or concerns. You can also contact us if you wish to book an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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