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Building a pool deck is often considered the crowning jewel on a comfortable, well-to-do home. Still, the task of home repair rarely ends when the last of your kids take their first dip. Pool maintenance is notoriously delicate because pools are permanently exposed to the elements by design. Permanent moisture, direct sun radiation, and progressive wear-and-tear can slowly damage the pool’s finish and structural integrity.

Remodeling or rebuilding a pool is an expensive task that most of us would like to delay for as long as possible just like pool deck resurfacing. A proper maintenance schedule is vital when it comes to extending your investment’s lifespan.
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Out of all the different parts of a pool, the plastering is likely the one thing that will require the most frequent attention. Plaster can slowly grow cracks due to temperature changes, and even the fanciest water-resistant coating has an expected lifespan. Although it’s a very visible part of your pool, it’s important to avoid mistaking it for a purely aesthetic question. This is the main barrier protecting the underneath concrete from water damage and structural damage.


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Signs and symptoms for pool replastering

As a pool is covered by water, it can be hard to tell what’s normal from what’s unusual on the pool’s surface. You’ll want to consider calling a Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing pro for an inspection. Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing Pros recommend an inspection for any of the following cases:

  • Time- The plaster finish covering your pool has an expected lifespan of 7 to 10 years by design. If your pool is a decade old and you have never dealt with plaster maintenance, then now is the time for Cathedral City pool replastering.
  • Stains– Stains on the pool surface are often left alone however, if these stains are caused by mineral deposits, not even a high-pressure wash is likely to get rid of them. Mineral stains caused by the hard California water comprise very resilient iron, copper, and manganese deposits. They are very resistant to simple cleaning. Trying to use acids or chemical stain removers to fix them could further damage the plaster.
  • Bare patches- Easier to recognize than stains, bare patches are a sure sign that it’s time to call for an inspection and probably do some pool replastering. Rebar, shotcrete, and gunite may be normal components of your pool’s structure, but they should never become visible. These materials are susceptible to oxidation and water damage, so if the plaster covering has worn down, then it needs to be redone.
  • Rough patches- Hidden areas, especially around corners, need to be replastered. These are not only a danger to your safety – falling on them can be very painful – but they also foster the growth of algae and even harmful bacteria. Not even the most thorough water cleaning job will last if you have algae growing in your pool.
  • Decayed appearance – Old and worn plaster tends to look dull. It also develops cracks and pervasive stains that don’t project a very polished look. Even if the pool’s structural integrity is not compromised, it may be time to show it some love with pool replastering. This is true, especially if you are thinking of selling or renting.

These are just some of the most common pool plaster problems and many issues that appear minor could be hiding deeper cracks in your water system. Each pool is its own ecosystem and has a history attached to it. We’re very proud of always being able to offer customized solutions.

Just give us a call, and we’ll schedule an inspection and work on a quote for you. We’ll send an experienced pool expert at your convenience and help you find a reasonable solution that fits your budget and your aesthetic standards. We serve all of Cathedral City and the adjacent areas of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage so if you’re searching on about pool improvements, come find us!

Is it just the plaster you offer? Learn what we can do for your pool!

Pool Replastering Cathedral City – The purpose of the plaster finish coating your pool is to protect the underlying concrete from water damage and direct UV radiation. However, plaster is not the only option available: many materials can offer the same amount of protection but provide a different look.

This is your pool and your home, and we want it to look just right. Some of the most common requests for pool resurfacing we receive in Cathedral City involve:

Conventional Plaster

With all the options available nowadays, conventional plaster remains the most common one, especially for older pools. There’s something very durable and cost-effective about the right mix of cement and sand. When skillfully blended and applied, it will last for up to 10 years, but it remains sensitive to discoloring and staining.

Pebble Finishes

Brands like Pebble Sheen® now offer proprietary blended materials designed to last longer and camouflage imperfections. Often referred to as the “marble of pool finishes,” they can last up to 20 years and make the entire surface look vibrant and luxurious.

Pebble Fina

This silica stone and cement blend is an excellent way to hit the midway point between Pebble Sheen and conventional plaster. Resilient and durable, the silica adds an extra shimmer that is incredibly beautiful in its Shimmering Sea color.
For those who like smooth, shiny surfaces, Hydrazzo tends to be the top choice. This provides an upscale and highly durable finish and comes in a variety of shades.

Quartz-and-Plaster Finishes

Often known as plaster-based quartz finishes, they improve on standard plaster by adding a glimmer of calcium carbonate.

Custom Designs and Colors

Pool surfaces are highly customizable. They can be easily integrated with the surrounding landscaping and décor choices. From combining different finishes to custom-mixed colors, you can go for anything ranging from a night sky to a seemingly bottomless pool to a tropical oasis in your own backyard.

Working with the Pool Resurfacing Pros provides a tangible difference to your pool and your experience as a homeowner. Our crew is superbly-trained and fully insured, giving you peace of mind when we work for you. We use superior materials purchased directly from the manufacturer to provide you with the longest-lasting results and competitive prices. Just call Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing to arrange an inspection or get a quote today!


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